Where is my sound?

Where is my sound?

There’re always perfectionists all around. You’ll always face in any moment of your music journey that person that truly believes in the magic element that will boost its sound and turn it into something epic.

I met this marvelous Argentinian bass player (Jorge Bustos, “el perro” as he likes to be called). I was young and inexperienced musician back then and there wasn’t too much information available to make an intelligent and facts-driven decision about a question that even after 15 years creates debates across bass players: active or passive?

When I asked, he just replied as any other might reply to a random person that text you out of the blue asking rookie stuff: is just a matter of preference.

But what is a preference but a part of yourself? Tone and sound exploration is a path that you (and you only) should carve and shape. You should try different pickups, different woods and shapes, even explore different instruments seeking who are you as a musician and how you would like to sound. Your tone is the fingerprint of your musician soul.

Hey, I got it. It sounds awesome in black and white, but: how do I explain this to my pocket?

I know sometimes is hard as a starter (even as a pro musician) to buy high-end hardware, pickups, guitars and basses to explore your sound. Luckily in Lago & Urdaneta we have some alternatives that can help you. Our parts are crafted with the best materials available in Europe using cutting-edge techniques that allows you to assemble your own instruments or upgrade your current.

Are you seeking for the holy grail of tone? Feel free to contact us.

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