Build your own sound

Lago & Urdaneta is the initiative of two engineers driven by cutting-edge technology and rhythm.

Our efforts are focused on offering guitar and bass parts with high-end crafting and finishing.

  • Where is my sound?

    There’re always perfectionists all around. You’ll always face in any moment of your music journey that person that truly believes in the magic element that will boost its sound and turn it into something epic.

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  • Fretboards – Maple vs Rosewood vs Ebony

    Honestly speaking, there’s not write or wrong in this decision. Perhaps this is not the answer that you’re looking for, but if you can afford both it worth it.

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  • Can I break my truss rod?

    A common concern of beginners, enthusiasts and experts as
    well. If I tell you: “sure, you can break it”, this article will end here. That’s
    it. Class dismissed! Regardless, I’ll suggest you to grab a cup of your beverage
    of preference and let me elaborate a bit.

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