Fretboards – Maple vs Rosewood vs Ebony

Fretboards – Maple vs Rosewood vs Ebony

The endless battle between good and evil.

There’re endless articles about the differences between them. If you’re up to pickup yours, let’s make it simple:



Dense hardwood.

Crispy crunch attach.

Mid-high frequencies.

Maintenance is a challenge.

Looks awesome when edge.



Open grained wood.

Warm mellow attach.

Mid-low frequencies.  

Easy to maintain.

Looks awesome when edge.



Open grained wood. Denser than rosewood.

It has qualities of the above.


Honestly speaking, there’s not write or wrong in this decision. Perhaps this is not the answer that you’re looking for, but if you can afford both it worth it.

If you’re a starter or a versatile musician, take your time to try both options, play those as clean as you can in a decent volume (otherwise you can’t feel the rock, do you?). Build your own opinion about the sound you’re trying to find.

Remember that in Lago & Urdaneta we’re eager to help. If you want someone to discuss about the sound you’re trying to build, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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